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Legal Services, etc.

United States Copyright Office
The first place to go for all things related to copyrights.

Copyright Basics (In PDF format, 667K)
This US Government circular 1.2.1 offers information and answers to your questions on copyrights.

Copyright Forms
You can get the appropriate U.S. copyright forms at this site in PDF format. They have forms for literary works, visual arts, serial works, etc. You need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them, but the reader is free from Adobe. The site includes a link to the appropriate page on the Adobe site.

The Copyright Website
Good copyright information, including the Busted page listing proven copyright infringers.

Copyright Information Guide
Site with definitions of terms related to copyrights.

Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights
Page from National Paralegal College website
The folks at say that they have gathered and created some of the best legal contracts available on the Internet to meet the needs of various consumers and businesses in their day-to-day activities. We didn't see contracts specifically aimed at publishers, but there are many personal and business contracts available. Many contracts are free; some require a reasonable fee.

Law for Authors and Publishers

Intellectual Property Owners Association

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

Legal Issues Facing Publishers
This site offers information on negotiating, ethics, trademarks, merchandising, work for hire, and release forms.

LegalDocs Online
You can fill out legal documents on this site. A few are free, while the rest range in price from $1.50 to $24.75 per document.

The Contract Store
Offers a wide range of legal low-cost commercial contracts to the business community. A few are free, while the rest range in price per document from $20 to $100 or higher for documents to be used multiple times.

NOLO Press
NOLO Press has been a self-help law center since 1971. They publish books and software programs to help you to deal with any legal paperwork. Their site includes information on doing your own legal research.

Publishing Law Center
The Publishing Law center has 19 articles on legal issues of concern to publishers, editors and authors.  These articles cover contracts, copyright, fair use, public domain, subsidiary rights, electronic rights and more.



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