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Literary Law Guide for Authors: Copyright, Trademark, and Contracts in Plain Language

Literary Law Guide for Authors: Copyright, Trademark, and Contracts in Plain Language

Tonya Marie Evans and Susan Borden Evans, Attorneys at Law. Paperback, 308 pages, plus CD

Published by FYOS Entertainment, LLC

Publication date: March 2003

ISBN: 0967457963

List: $19.95

Availability: This item usually ships within 1-2 weeks.

Order this book at a great price from Amazon now.

If you are a writer or independent publisher, you will, at some point in your career, want to know more about this mysterious thing called copyright. One day, you'll receive that coveted article or book contract, only to find it is written in Greek. Well, fret no more, for mother-daughter team, Tonya Marie Evans and Susan Borden Evans, both attorneys, have produced a book designed to raise our comfort level with publishing legalese. They seem to have all of the answers and they present them to be understood by the non-lawyerly masses.

I own a couple of books on intellectual property law and I've never read one that is as straightforward and layperson friendly as this one. I found it to be a real confidence builder for someone who needs to know this stuff, but who has not passed the bar.

Not only does this book address our most fervent copyright questions, but it eloquently covers privacy issues, right of publicity, trademark law and it provides sample contracts and legal forms. As a bonus, this writing team gives tips and techniques for negotiating better contracts with our publishers.

One question I get fairly often from SPAWN members is, "How does one arrange a collaboration agreement?" From now on I will reference and recommend this book.

This is an easy read, but it is also a valuable reference book. I found the glossary complete and helpful. There is an extremely informative Table of Contents and the index is top notch. Another thing I like about this book is that Tonya and Susan included SPAWN in their brief Resources for Writers section.

Good news! This isn't the last you'll hear from the Evans’: They plan to add to their Literary Entrepreneur Series. So stay tuned to FYOS Entertainment, LCC at —Patricia Fry



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