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Business and Legal Forms for Illustrators

Business and Legal Forms for Illustrators

Tad Crawford Paperback, 191 pages

Published by Allworth Press

Publication date: January, 1999

ISBN: 1581150083

List: $24.95

Availability: This item usually ships within 24 hours.

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Business and Legal Forms for Illustrators is another book that is essential to any artist considering the business of art. As Tad Crawford (author, book publisher, and attorney) says, good business practices are important to the success of any professional, including the illustrator. This 8-1/2 x 11 inch book contains 21 ready to use forms with instructions, information on contracts and negotiation, explanations of the terminology used in contracts, and sage advice for illustrators. Updated to cover electronic rights, this revised edition contains a complete set of business and legal forms, including the Illustrator-Agent Contract, Book Publishing Contract, Collaboration Contract, Illustrator’s Lecture Contract, Permission Form, Nondisclosure Agreement, License of Rights, and many more. There are also checklists throughout the book to help the artist ensure that he has covered everything.  

There is a tear-out section where the needed forms can be detached from the book and copied. Also included in the book is a CD-ROM that contains all the forms so that one can customize them for their individual needs.  

Other books by Tad Crawford that could be valuable to artists are “AIGA Professional Practices in Graphic Design,” “ Business and Legal Forms for Fine Artists,” “ Business and Legal Forms for Graphic Designers,” “Business and Legal Forms for Photographers,” and “Selling Your Graphic Design and Illustration.” —Mary Embree



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