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The Copyright
Permission and Libel Handbook:
A Step-by-step Guide
for Writers, Editors, and Publishers

The Copyright Permission and Libel Handbook: A Step-by-step Guidefor Writers, Editors, and Publishers

By Lloyd J. Jassin and Steven C. Schechter

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1998.

198 pgs

ISBN: 0471146544

List: $14.95

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by Mary Embree

Both of the authors are lawyers who specialize in publishing and entertainment law. Maybe that is why they seem to cover just about every legal concern I've come across in my varied career which includes writing, interviewing, editing and publishing in several different genres. The authors answer some common questions such as:

  • What is the difference between the terms "author" and "writer"?
  • What constitutes a "work for hire?"
  • How much can be quoted from a published work without having to get permission?
  • Are all works published by the government in public domain?

They also clearly explain the reasons for getting a copyright registered even though a work is automatically copyrighted from the moment it is written, recorded or otherwise fixed in a tangible medium.



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