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The Well-Fed Writer: Back for Seconds

The Well-Fed Writer: Back for Seconds

by Peter Bowerman

Fanove Publishing, 2005

284 pages

ISBN 0-9670598-5-2

MSRP $19.95

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Talk about name recognition. If you’ve been following the links I’ve provided over the last few years, you’ve come across Peter Bowerman’s name and can associate it with his well-known book, "The Well-Fed Writer." Well, he’s baaa-aack. Peter, who originally earned his living as a commercial writer and columnist, wrote "The Well-Fed Writer" in 2000. It was promptly chosen a Book-of-the-Month Club winner. This well-received volume is a blueprint for writers who want to earn a good living freelancing beyond the scope of periodicals. It offered encouragement, inspiration and tools for breaking into the corporate world and the nonprofit sector as a well-paid (well-fed) writer. The new edition offers up a second helping of the same—only more, according to reviewers. Bowerman boasts 95% new content.

Would you like to earn a GOOD living through your writing? Are you still freaked out by the cold call? Do you believe that your dream is impossible due to the current economy? Are you at a loss for where and how to find good paying writing work? Peter Bowerman can help.

This book is divided into 13 chapters with tantalizing titles and numerous descriptive subtitles, making this a great reference book. Bowerman’s writing skill and sense of humor make this book easy to read. I also like that it has an index as well as resource lists.

How do you land a lucrative job with a nonprofit organization? What kinds of writing jobs are available through universities and how much do they pay? What about when you live in a small community—where are the writing jobs for you? What role does networking play in your finding writing work? How do you find freelance writing work in a poor economy? Bowerman responds to these situations and many others with knowledge, understanding and wit. My favorite part of this book is the "Success Profiles" section. It’s always inspiring to read about writers who have made it.

In my opinion, you cannot read this book without having to face your darkest fear and most fervent concerns. If you want a career as a freelance writer but it hasn’t materialized, you have one of two problems: you don’t know how to go about finding work or you are afraid to take the necessary steps toward financial freedom. In either case, this book is for you. It is uncanny how Bowerman responds to those exact issues that are blocking you from reaching your goals. For example, in his chapter on cold calling, he has these subheads, "What if I don’t have experience writing for the client’s industry?" "What if I run out of people to call?" "What if everyone I call already has freelancers they use?" If you continue to read beyond these perceived blocks, you will be so inspired, so motivated and so well informed that you can’t fail.

You may be an excellent writer. But, if you don’t know where to look for work and how to land the job, you won’t get the big paychecks that should come to someone with your talent.

Would you like to earn $75 an hour and have the flexibility to take a swim in the middle of each day? Would you like to have the potential to earn $3000 to $6000 per month and still have time off? Then I highly recommend that you read this meaty book. It will help you break out of your corporate shackles and experience the freedom and success possible through freelance writing. If you are even a little tempted to expand your writing career, this book will make the difference.



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