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Over 101 No Cost (And Low Cost) Techniques to Turbo Charge Your Freelance Income

Over 101 No Cost (And Low Cost) Techniques to Turbo Charge Your Freelance Income

By Beth Ann Erickson

Filbert Publishing, 2006

132 pages, $29.95 (includes a CD)

ISBN: 1-932794-08-5

Order this book at a great price from Amazon now.

Review by Patricia L. Fry

Erickson actually provides 113 ideas for making more money writing and they’re all doable. She starts by suggesting you prepare mentally and physically. She urges readers to write a business plan and helps readers adopt an appropriate mindset. For example, she says, "Accept that you’ll have to ALWAYS promote."

This book covers virtually all of the freelance areas that a writer might pursue: articles for consumer magazines, Web zines, trade magazines, brochure work and even sales letters.

She explains how to promote your freelance business through print and talk media and she has some great ideas for creating a Web site that helps you to market your writing business.

I particularly like Erickson’s suggestions about getting involved and networking by joining civic groups, teaching classes at a local university, lecturing at various local group meetings, traveling to give lectures and volunteering—all great ways to gain exposure and credibility.

Have you ever thought of using your local newspapers to build your business? Erickson has ideas for doing just that. She also talks about using your published books as a means to promote your freelance writing business.

Do you want a handy little book with some thought-provoking tips and techniques for turbo charging your freelance writing business? Do yourself a favor and pick up Erickson’s newest book. There’s a CD included featuring a High Profit Writer’s Kit.,

–Patricia Fry is a full-time freelance writer and the author of 25 books. Read her latest book, The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book, Visit her writing/publishing blog often at



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