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Master Class in Fiction Writing, Techniques From Austen, Hemingway and Other Greats

Master Class in Fiction Writing, Techniques From Austen, Hemingway and Other Greats

By Adam Sexton

McGraw Hill

228 pages--$16.95

ISBN 0-07-144877-2

Order this book at a great price from Amazon now.

Here’s a novel idea for you novelists—a book designed to teach you techniques used by some of the world’s master writers. If you’ve been looking for just the right teacher, look no further. Who could be better than Jane Austin, Ernest Hemingway, William Falkner, Joseph Conrad, Vladimir Nabokov and Iris Murdoch? Author Adam Sexton has tapped into the skills and talents of these and other great writers—each of them bringing a different dimension to the writing pad. Learn style and voice from Hemingway and dialogue from Murdoch. Let Conrad teach you his techniques for plotting.

If you need help with your story structure, characterization and dialogue, for example, you may want to put this book on your study list. With a little help from the masters, Sexton has used a unique approach to helping authors fine tune their fiction works and overcome their creative shortcomings. I especially appreciate how he delves into great works of fiction to point out what makes these stories successful.

If you are a writer of fiction or want to be, this book could go a long way toward helping you to meet your writing goals



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