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Publish to Win

: Smart Strategies to Sell More Books

Publish to Win

Smart Strategies to Sell More Books

by Jerrold R. Jenkins & Anne M. Stanton

Rhodes & Easton


ISBN 0964940124

348 pages

MSRP $20.00

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Publish to Win is a book for the independent publisher and for the author who finds that he must do the marketing for his book, even though he has a publisher. It's unfortunately true that even the author published by a name publisher must do his own promotion.

Jenkins and Stanton clarify the current state of book publishing and distribution. While discussing publishing and marketing, they tell stories of people who have met publishing resistance, then turned their books into marketplace successes.

You'll find their schedule for book preparation to be an excellent way to chart your own progress on the way to publication. The comparison of distribution contracts is particularly valuable, though it does not mention as a distributor. (Yes, is a bookstore, but the company acts as a distributor for small publishers.)

You'll find 188 pages dedicated to identifying and selling to the various markets you must consider for your book. Because these are markets you might easily overlook otherwise, Publish to Win is a valuable book.



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