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Travel Writing as a Freelancer, Your Own Guide to Getting Published

Travel Writing as a Freelancer, Your Own Guide to Getting Published

By Wendy Van Hatten

Ebook, 60 pages


Review by Patricia Fry

This ebook is available only through the author and it seems to be based on her travel-writing course. You might consider it a workbook for travel writing. It seems to be fairly complete as it offers tips and techniques for many aspects of travel writing. For example, Van Hatten, a full-time travel writer and editor, tells you how to choose your travel destinations, how to glean articles from your experiences, how and where to sell your articles, how to write a travel article and she even shares her expertise on travel photography.

Much of what she advises can be related to any type of freelance article writing, but she also provides the specifics you need to break into and, perhaps even earn a living travel writing. I especially appreciate her chapter on travel article ideas, where to get them, how to create the right focus and how to choose an appropriate magazine for the article. She even shows you how to write travel articles for non-travel-related publications. Her examples are plentiful.

Van Hatten certainly attempts to get her readers to think outside the box. How many people would think of pitching a travel piece to a music magazine? Van Hatten’s idea—traveling with your musical instrument.

She spends a lot of time helping readers learn to work successfully with magazine editors. After all, if you can’t get an editor’s attention, you won’t make many sales. She has some good tips for approaching and working with editors. They are your lifeline to success, after all.

I enjoyed reading Van Hatten’s eight tips to engage your reader. For example, she cautions against telling a travel story chronologically. She says, “‘I called the taxi and lugged my bags to the curb,’ is not a stellar start.” She advises, “Put your reader in the action.” Other tips include: Show how the trip changed your life, limit your “I’s” and tuck relevant details into the story—things that someone traveling to that area will want to know.

Van Hatten talks about rights, persistence, rejection and all of those other details we need to know to break into freelance article writing. The last pages in this ebook include Frequently Asked Questions, a resource list for travel writing and even a sample calendar showing the timeline for pitching stories (January for stories to be published in August and April for stories published in November, for example).

This seems to be a fairly complete book for someone wanting to break into travel writing, but I must question the price—nearly $30 for a 60-page ebook?

– Patricia Fry is the president of SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network) and the author of 28 books. Read her hallmark book The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book, revised 2nd edition. and her NEW Author’s Workbook

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