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The Right Way To Write, Publish and Sell Your Book

The Right Way To Write, Publish and Sell Your Book

by Patricia L. Fry

Available at bookstores, and through Matilija Press

Order this book at a great price from Amazon now.

It is estimated that six million people are shopping manuscripts to 80,000 publishers, who publish just 175,000 books a year. That's one in thirty-four! How can you be one of the lucky few? Patricia L. Fry's newest book, "The Right Way To Write, Publish and Sell Your Book," can help strengthen the odds as she dispels old ideas, offers a slap on the head reality check, and explains publishing in a clear readable style.

Fry says most writers approach publishing from the wrong end. They write the book and then try to find a publisher who fits their needs. She suggests a different approach: research publishers first to see who publishes your type of book. Read the guidelines and understand what they are looking for. A survey says that 70 percent of the books published in the United States do not make a profit! It's no surprise that publishers stick with what they know will sell. Writers must take a more active role in promoting and selling a book. Presenting your idea in a clearly-written, concise book proposal with a suggested marketing plan lets a publisher know you have an understanding of his business. Are you selling out your creativity? Not at all! You are maximizing exposure to your work. The Author's Guild rates a successful fiction book as one that sells 5,000 copies; nonfiction, 7,500. By focusing from the beginning, you increase your chances of finding your target audience--those people who will buy your book.

How to avoid scams that leave you with a garage full of poorly printed books and out hundreds of dollars, targeting your audience, finding a publisher, ideas for promoting your book, understanding contracts, recommended reading, press releases--all can be found in Fry's "The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book."

I found Fry’s book to be a benefit for selling magazine articles too. The same forethought used to research publishers and write book proposals can be used for targeting a magazine and writing a query letter. Magazine editors receive hundreds of submissions. This is a way to make yours stand out from the crowd and be published! And if you write enough magazine articles, you’ll have enough work to make a collection of articles, and that will be a book.

If you write what you feel, it's personal. If you sell what you write, it's business. Patricia Fry shows it's possible to do both.



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