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The Naked Author, Exposing the Myths of Publishing

The Naked AuthorThe Naked Author, Exposing the Myths of Publishing

By Katherine “Kat” Smith

TomKat Productions (2003)

ISBN 978-0-9715024-4-4


212 Pages----$14.95

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Review by Patricia Fry

Anyone who has been involved in publishing for any length of time knows how important a good cover is to the success of his or her book. Here’s a book that provides an excellent example. This cover will get your attention!

The second thing that impresses me about this book is the volume of resources offered throughout. Yes, she mentions SPAWN under publishing organizations. (Thank you, Kat.) Nearly half of this book focuses on resources such as agents, distributors and such. She even tells you how to contact the program directors for Good Morning America, Live with Regis and Kelly and 20/20. She lists over 50 book reviewers and includes nearly 40 pages of contacts for events for authors—book festivals and so forth.

Along with each grouping of resources, Smith offers the nitty-gritty, as well. Yes, she tells you how to approach and work with an agent and publishers, how to write a query letter, tips for preparing a book proposal and even guidelines for promoting your book.

I like this book because it is straightforward, reader-friendly and seems to be fairly complete. Smith even delves into territory where few authors venture—the legalities of authorship and publishing. She gives a brief, yet comprehensive explanation of copyright and trademark, for example.

Do you have questions about working with a printer? Smith seems to know what you need to know, and she has incorporated it into her book. And yes, she includes an index. Whether you want to self-publish, locate a traditional royalty publisher or use a publishing hybrid, Smith provides information and resources to start you on the process. Maybe you have a published book and you don’t know how to promote it. Smith responds to this need, as well. I especially like her comment in the Preface. She says, “Success requires the author to take part in the [publishing] process. Without his/her involvement, the results can be disastrous.” And she has done her best to empower you—the author—no matter where you are in the publishing process.

– Patricia Fry is the president of SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network) and the author of 28 books.

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