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Self-Publishing Fiction, From Manuscript to Bookstore and Beyond

Self-Publishing Fiction, From Manuscript to Bookstore and Beyond

By Gavin Sinclair

Mainland Press


ISBN 0-9708746-4-2

MSRP $19.95

214 pages (paperback)

When I heard about this book, I thought, "What a good idea—a book for the many folks who would like to try self-publishing their novels or books of poetry." As I read through Self-Publishing Fiction, however, I didn’t find much to differentiate it from other good books on self-publishing.

Whether your book is fiction or nonfiction, you must decide if self-publishing is for you. You need to understand the publishing industry. You have to set up your publishing company, design your book, obtain an ISBN and barcode, hire a printer, communicate successfully with the printer and promote your book. It’s when it comes to promotion that things change. Sinclair provides promotional information specifically for novelists.

He points out the best markets for self-published fiction and he includes major bookstores on this list. But first, says Sinclair, you need a major distributor/wholesaler. Do you know which wholesalers and distributors Barnes and Noble use? Sinclair does and he shares this information with his readers. He also provides contact information for getting your book into airport and hotel bookstores.

In Chapter Twelve, the author talks about preparing your promotional material for a fiction book and provides over a half dozen examples. He lists a total of 25 potential reviewers of fiction works. My favorite part of this book is the section where the author explains how to prepare for a radio interview. "First, become an expert," says Sinclair. He tells you how. He also guides the reader in finding the right radio stations and provides numerous links. But he doesn’t leave you hanging—he also shares ideas for how to pitch a radio show and he even offers an example.

Are you confused about how to write a press release for your novel? This author gives you some ideas. He also delves into the nitty-gritty of taking orders, shipping books and keeping records.

In the end, Sinclair discusses the concept of success. He says that for some, producing a book about which they can be proud is success enough. For those of you who are interested in financial gain and/or are serious about establishing a successful business around novel writing, he includes nearly 40 pages of resources. He lists SPAWN on the first page under Publisher Associations—National. He also has provided readers with a well-designed index.

If I were to grade this book, it would rate high marks as a book on self-publishing. However, I don’t feel that it necessarily lives up to its promise to strictly target fiction. I recommend Self-Publishing Fiction for all hopeful authors who are interested in pursuing the concept of self-publishing.



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