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Dan Poynter’s Book Publishing Encyclopedia: A-Z Tips and Resources for Authors and Publishers

Dan Poynter’s Book Publishing Encyclopedia: A-Z Tips and Resources for Authors and Publishers

By Dan Poynter

Para Publishing (2006)

ISBN 978-1-56860-127-4

MSRP $19.95 (Paper)

Dan Poynter has produced another helpful book for authors, and this one comes in seven different forms—soft cover, large print and several digital variations. When I first saw this book, I wondered why we needed a stand-alone tips and resources guide taking up space on our shelves or in our computers when we have his "Self-Publishing Manual." All versions of his publishing bible include resources and tips for authors and publishers. But then I took a look at the newest edition of the Manual (an advance review copy of the 15th edition). I compared it to Poynter’s Encyclopedia and found some important differences.

While the Manual is a detailed how-to with resources, the Encyclopedia focuses entirely on resources for anyone who is involved in or interested in the publishing field. It contains just 220 pages, so it will fit nicely in your library, and it is organized so that you can easily locate answers to your specific publishing questions. Whether you want information about advertising your book, locating literary agents or getting your book in a catalog, Poynter points the way. He provides the information you’ll need in order to work successfully with Do you want to know how to speak in public, how to conduct research, how to understand and obtain foreign rights or where to find quotes for your book? You’ll find the resources you need in this book.

While many of the listings in this A to Z resource guide lead you back to Poynter’s own vast Web site where he offers lists for free and for a fee, he includes numbers of other resources that you’ll also find hugely valuable to the success of your publishing business.

Here are just a few of the listings you’ll find in Poynter’s Encyclopedia:

  • How to get expensive reference books at a discount.
  • Recommended printers.
  • A guide to finding and choosing a publicist.
  • How to get your book into libraries.
  • Where to purchase inexpensive promotional postcards and business cards.
  • Tips for using your scanner.
  • And he includes six pages relating to getting your book reviewed.

According to Poynter, this book contains thousands of tips and references in an easy to use alphabetical encyclopedia. It also has an index, which I found most helpful, as one isn’t always sure where to look in this encyclopedia for the particular answers or recommendations he needs.

So do we need Poynter’s Encyclopedia when we have his Self-Publishing Manual? I say yes. Go out and purchase yours today. I’m confident that this resource guide can help you to increase your book sales.



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