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How to Publish, Promote, and Sell

Your Own Book

How to Publish, Promote, and Sell

Your Own Book

by Robert Lawrence Holt

St. Martin's Press


ISBN 0312396198

400 pages

MSRP $11.95

Order this book at a great price from Amazon now.

How to Publish, Promote, and Sell Your Own Book starts by asking you whether you should publish your book. It spends one chapter on submitting your manuscript to a publisher, but the main focus of this book is how to prepare, publish, and market your book.

It's fascinating to always find new tips on self-publishing in every new book. Among others, How to Publish, Promote, and Sell Your Own Book gives two small tips to use while fulfilling your orders. These tips could help in a small way to streamline your operation: " Open the left-hand side of envelopes (as you face their addresses.) This makes the envelopes easier to stack and file. If the top of the envelope is opened, other letters will tend to become hidden under its flap when it is filed. Do not tear the return address portion of the envelope as it's opened. Your letters will be filed alphabetically, according to the customer's name on this address."

These are the gritty little tips that can make a big difference in publishing efficiency. Holt's book is full of such tips, as well as bigger concepts such as starting your own ad agency for your book ads.



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