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Huenefeld Guide

to Book Publishing

Huenefeld Guide to Book Publishing by John Huenefeld,

Mills & Sanderson, Publishers, 1993

ISBN 0938179330

394 pages

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From the publishers of The Huenefeld Report, the Huenefeld Guide to Book Publishing is a straightforward discussion of the business of publishing. The author discusses the pros and cons of establishing a Not-for-profit publishing house, and he leads us through the vagaries of starting a new publishing house versus buying a going concern.

This book will not appeal to the self-publisher with only one book. However, anyone who is planning to start or expand a publishing house by adding new authors will definitely find Huenefeld's informed opinion to be worthwhile.

Sections of the book are devoted to book acquisition and contracts, pre-press development, marketing, and business operations. Only the chapter called Desktops, Designers, and Outside Typesetters appears dated. It doesn't mention the types of files preferred by printing houses at the time the book was written (PostScript, Quark Xpress, PageMaker, or FrameMaker.) And, of course, it doesn't get into recent developments in sending pdf files to the printer.

But these are quibbles concerning only a few pages of Huenefeld Guide to Book Publishing. As a guide to the business side of book publishing, the Huenefeld Guide is outstanding.



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