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How to Get Happily Published

How to Get Happily Published by Judith Applebaum,

Harper Perennial

ISBN 0062735098

400 pages

MSRP $14.00

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Judith Applebaum's How to Get Happily Published, Harper Perennial, ISBN 0-06-273509-8, 400 pages, $14.00, is another one of those books for those of you writers who are starting, in the middle of, or just finishing a work of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, essay, or whatever, and haven't a clue as to the problems and politics of getting your work published. The book is not discouraging in the least, although the publishing process can be a daunting one. She has organized the material in such a way as to resemble a set of step-by-step instructions for dealing with agents and publishers, and those whose sole aim is to find reasons for rejecting manuscripts.

But, take heart. Ms. Applebaum also outlines the procedures for self-publishing: editing, printing, binding, art, and the price you should ask for your book.

How to Get Happily Published is in its fifth edition and introduces the reader to the latest attitudes and protocols to be found in the publishing industry. There are up-to-date listings of resources: people to contact, media, and Internet sites.

The book is recommended as a thorough research work on the publishing industry and as an encouraging, entertainingly-written lesson in getting starting in writing and publishing your work.

~ Hal Ranzenhofer



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