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Not sure? Check out back issues of SPAWNews on our blog, or in the older SPAWNews archives) How 'U' Can Compete with the Giants of Publishing How 'U' Can Compete with the Giants of Publishing

by Dan Poynter and Danny O. Snow

Unlimited Publishing LLC


ISBN 1588329887

108 pages

MSRP $14.99

Order this book at a great price from Amazon now.

This isn't a new book—in fact, it is in the third printing. But it's new to me and maybe to you. Dan Poynter and Danny O. Snow first published this book in 2000 as a guide to self-publishing. It was a heftier volume then. But these two giants in the world of self-publishing have hit on a new idea. They've tied their Web site to the book. If you want additional information or a list of references, instead of turning to another page in the book, you go to the matching Web site, (Be sure to use the hyphen or you wind up in an entirely different atmosphere.)

Many first-time authors are bypassing the traditional publishing houses, overlooking the self-publishing option and heading straight to one of the many POD Publishers. While Poynter and Snow provide a complete list of POD publishing companies (over 60 of them) on their Web site, they encourage readers to publish independent of them and even offer tips for successfully marketing their books.

In my mind (and in my library) SPAWN member, Dan Poynter's "Self-Publishing Manual" is still THE volume I refer to and recommend. But if you want a quick read and self-publishing information in a nutshell, this is the book for you. If you need more, just visit

While this book covers the nuts and bolts of do-it-yourself publishing, my favorite part is where the authors list some of the world's most successful self-published books: "The Celestine Prophecy," "What Color is Your Parachute?," "The One-Minute Manager," John Grisham's "A Time to Kill" and "The Joy of Cooking," for example. Other well-known self-published authors include Deepak Chopra, Benjamin Franklin, Edgar Allen Poe, Carl Sandburg, George Bernard Shaw and Virginia Woolf.

Poynter and Snow tell us, "If you have the passion to write about a subject you love, the time and skills to prepare a quality book for publication, the confidence to take some financial risk, and most of all the determination to promote and market it proactively, you can self-publish successfully." They also tell their readers something that I preach to you just about every month—"Don't write a book first, then try to find readers for it. Target your readership before you start writing." I also like the fact that they suggest joining a trade organization.

The book is written in an easy to follow style and, between the book and the Web site, nearly all of your self-publishing questions are addressed.

Available at for $14.99.



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