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The Author's Guide to Building an Online Platform

The Author's Guide to Building an Online Platform

By Stephanie Chandler

Quill Driver Books

ISBN: 978-1884956-82-9

143 pages, $14.95


Review by Patricia Fry

What’s your platform? According to author Stephanie Chandler, this is a question that all authors should be prepared to answer. And in case you can’t, Chandler has compiled a book that will help you to establish your platform. According to the cover copy, through this book, you will learn to: develop an online platform that impresses editors and agents, create an effective website, drive traffic to your site, implement online sales, establish yourself as an expert in your field, master the art of promoting your books at, stand out against the competition, build a long-term career as an author.

If your platform is weak or you don’t have one at all, not only can this book help you to understand what it is and why you need one, but also to establish one related to your specific book. I particularly like the fact that Chandler explains something about the publishing industry. And she points out that competition in publishing has made it crucial that you come into it with an audience in place—a way of attracting readers. She coaches readers on how to set up a phenomenal website. She talks about building your expert status and she goes deeply into online marketing strategies. Did you ever consider, for example, starting an affiliate program to get help in promoting your book, doing a tele-seminar or a virtual book tour? She also tells you how to establish an ezine and lists 40 things that you could include to make it more effective and desired.

Each chapter is highlighted with an author interview. Participating are Jill Lublin, author of Guerrilla Publicity and Networking Magic, Dan S. Kennedy, author of No B.S. Direct Marketing for Nondirect Marketing Businesses and Scott Allen, author of The Virtual Handshake and others. Chandler’s directory of resources is most extensive and impressive. In fact, she lists SPAWN in her recommended associations for writers. She has a great index for ease and convenience in using this book.

As authors, artists or freelance writers, we need an audience. Thus, we need a platform. If you’re still struggling with establishing yours, pick up Stephanie Chandler’s book, The Author’s Guide to Building an Online Platform.

– Patricia Fry is the president of SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network) and the author of 28 books. Read her hallmark book The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book, revised 2nd edition. and her NEW Author’s Workbook If you are struggling to promote a book, order Patricia’s newest ebook, The Author’s Repair Kit. Visit her informative publishing blog often at



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