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Talk Radio Wants You, An Intimate Guide to 700 Shows and How to Get Invited

Talk Radio Wants You, An Intimate Guide to 700 Shows and How to Get Invited

By Francine Silverman

McFarland and Company Publishers (2009)

315 pages, perfect-bound $75.00

ISBN: 0786440333

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By Patricia Fry

You probably know Fran Silverman from the Book Promotion Newsletter. What you may not know about Fran is that she is also a publicist and a radio host. And she has done an enormous amount of research to bring authors a new book to help them locate appropriate radio programs where they can promote their books. But this is not just a list of shows, each listing includes the theme of the show and a description, bios for the show hosts, the contact information, a detailed guest profile and even a description of their "guest from hell."

I especially appreciate that Fran has gone to the trouble of listing each show in categories in the Table of Contents AND she has a detailed and complete Index.

Do you have a book related to animals? Fran lists 16 radio shows in this category. There are 50 related to business, finance and marketing, around 75 shows seeking guests who can speak on New Age topics, as well as shows about technology, health and fitness, traveling, parenting, self-help, relationships and more. There are also a number of shows focusing specifically on authors.

Some of the 700 shows listed will be familiar. But there are hundreds of others that you were not aware of and that could, conceivably, give your book incredible exposure.

Not only are Fran's listings informative, some of them are also humorous. In her listing for The JPEG Show, a Christian show with JP and Peg (Peuster), she asked them to profile their Guests from Hell. They responded, "We would never interview someone from hell." Others responded to this question by saying, "A person who refuses to stay in sync with the host," "Someone who is talking about a good idea that has not been tested," "Someone who plugs what they have to sell relentlessly," "One who tries to sell their products or services instead of educating my audience," and "A guest who gives one-word answers."

If you are considering going on the air with your book, you really must refer to this book in order to locate the right show with the right attitude and style. But also read the chapters by experts Scott Lorenz, public relations and marketing expert and president of Westwind Communications, and Joe Sabbah, author of "How to Get on Talk Radio All Over America Without Leaving Your Home."

A priceless tip from Lorenz is this: "Don't just answer questions. Tell listeners something you want them to know, something they wouldn't know unless they were tuned in, with the promise of more of the same when they buy the product or come see you."

Joe Sabbah suggests, "Stand while speaking. Pretend you're presenting a seminar. Your voice will carry further. And you'll sound more animated."

This is a substantial book (7" by 10" and 315 pages) and it has a hefty price ($75) but, if you have a book to promote, this book could be the difference between weak sales and tremendous sales.

Here's an idea, consider going in with other authors to purchase a copy. Or buy it through your writers' club and make it available to all members on a loan basis. However you manage it, if you are promoting a book on any topic, "Talk Radio Wants You," is a good investment in your success as a published author.



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