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Beyond the Bookstore:

How to Sell More Books Profitably

to Non-Bookstore Markets

Beyond the Bookstore:

How to Sell More Books Profitably to Non-Bookstore Markets

By Brian Jud

Reed Business Press (2004)

ISBN: 1-59429-002-4

303 pages

hardcover, MSRP $49.95

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Brian Jud first realized a need for this book when he attempted to market his own title through bookstores during the early 1990s. He found what many of us are learning—that placing a book in major bookstores isn’t easy, reliable or even very profitable. His research and experimentation led him to discover viable alternatives to bookstores—so viable, in fact, that he has sold over half million copies of his book, "Job Search 101." In 1996, Jud established a marketing consultancy firm known as Book Marketing Works. And his latest book, "Beyond the Bookstore," teaches authors and independent publishers the lessons and strategies formerly only available to his clients.

While this book echoes many others that suggest marketing outside the box, Jud goes a few steps further. He provides a detailed how-to guide for readers who want to sell more books and are willing to stretch in order to do it. He writes in his introduction, "Special sales marketing is the process of finding out what information consumers need and in what form they want it and then delivering it to them where they are located." This is the focus of this book. And you’ll be pleased to know that his strategies are for fiction as well as nonfiction titles.

This book teaches the independent publisher how to recognize potential buyers and where to go in search of them. A mystery novel, he says, might be placed in a hospital gift shop, discount stores and be marketed as a premium item. A children’s book could be promoted to daycare center chains, toy stores, children’s museums, children’s hospitals and pediatricians’ offices.

His list of potential outlets for books includes airport stores, corporations, government agencies, military bases, colleges, catalogs and more. But the value of this book doesn’t stop there. Jud challenges readers to approach book marketing as a business, which is the only way you’re going to make any money in this game. And he shows you how to proceed. He provides information and data related to product strategy, such as pricing and how to test-market your product. An accompanying CD gives you a template for creating your personal marketing plan.

Writing a book is a right brain activity. But marketing that book requires a dramatic change in mindset. Jud helps you to make that transition.

This book seems a little long and I think that’s because it is somewhat repetitive at times. But this doesn’t take away from the usefulness of the message in the book or the value of the accompanying CD.

A hardback, it sells for $49.95. During the month of June and July, however, Jud is offering SPAWN members and newsletter subscribers a 20% discount. Order through Reed Business Press at or 646-746-6892.

Reviewed by Patricia Fry. Patricia is the president of SPAWN and the author of 16 books. One of her most popular books is The Successful Writer's Handbook.



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