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Book Marketing from A-Z

Book Marketing from A-Z

by Francine Silverman

Infinity Publishing,

ISBN 0741424312

MSRP $18.95

You may recognize Francine Silverman’s name. She produces the "Book Promotion Newsletter" (, and now offers a compilation of the best book promotion ideas that have appeared in the newsletter during its one-year existence. More than 300 authors have contributed to this 400-page book, including several SPAWN members.

Just thumbing through this book creates a rush of excitement as you begin to envision new ways to sell more books. What a variety of creative ideas! According to contributing authors, you can spend thousands of dollars using Amazon’s Single Notification program (they e-mail your book announcement to customers who purchase books similar to yours) or just have fun signing books at your favorite Starbucks.

In the title of the book, the "A" stands for "Advertising" and the "Z" represents "Zero Promotion." Yes, Francine actually found authors who sell books without lifting a finger to promote. One tip for how to get out of promoting: move to Japan. According to some authors, Japanese publishers are very supportive of their authors and heavily promote their books.

Some of the book promotion topics Francine covers are: book signings, class reunions, holidays, newsletters, pitching the media, press kits, speaking, teaching and tie-ins. For example, novelist T.L. Cooper, author of "All She Ever Wanted", mails brochures to libraries around the country every month; author Toni Leland managed to get her three equestrian fiction books placed in airports; and William Riesner, a disabled science fiction and humor writer, relies on name recognition through ezines. SPAWN member Lana Jordan, author of several books including "Sleepytime Ponies" sells books by keeping up to date. She says that she subscribes to several publicity-related newsletters and magazines to get "fresh ideas on how to promote my books." What have I been telling you about taking the time to read SPAWNews and the SPAWN Market Update?

This book includes a "Special Section" listing author services such as editing, ghost writing, publishing and resume writing. There’s also a chapter called "More Recommendations", where authors provide tips for writing and promoting books in specific genres. Included are memoirs, children’s books, cookbooks, humor, mysteries, parenting books, poetry, romance, travel guides and young adult novels.

I’m disappointed that this book doesn’t include an index of authors. This is an important reference that is often omitted from how-to books.

Francine writes on her back cover: "The problems of authors are universal. Be their publisher Random House or AuthorHouse, authors soon discover that book promotion is their responsibility." With this in mind, she has developed this informative, useful book in hopes that: "Readers will relate to the writer’s pleasures and pitfalls, presented with honesty and humor." And, as she says, this book is for both the novice and the veteran author as well as editors, publishers, etc.

I recommend this book to those who are or should be promoting their books. You can never have too much information about book promotion. Just as book promotion is an ongoing activity, so is learning about new ways to promote your book.



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