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SPAWN Market Update – August 2013

by SusanDaffron on August 1, 2013

This month we focus on the earning potential of your book through excerpts for magazines. We list 9 new magazines and publishers and provide reviewers galore. What is exposure and why is it important? Don’t miss this brief article. As always, this issue of the SPAWN Market Update has something for everyone

Here’s What’s New – 4 interesting changes in the industry.

Opportunities for Freelance Writers – 4 new magazines and two magazine lists.

Opportunities for Authors – 5 potential new publishers.

Book Promotion Opportunities – markets for your book excerpts, reviewers galore and more!

Resources for Authors – Neevia Document Converter

Going, Going, Gone – 7 publishers and magazines, including some majors.

Here’s What’s New

Matt Miller at AuthorsDen contacted me to tell me about some changes to his site. He believes that his authors will get more exposure with these changes. Do you have a book featured at AuthorsDen? Check it out here:

The Chicago Sun-Times has changed its name to the Chicago

MaMa’s Book Corner is not accepting review copies at this time. Check back in a few months to see what the status is then:

Heather at Earth’s Book Nook is not accepting review copies at this time.

Opportunities for Freelance Writers

The editors at New Mystery Reader are looking for writers who would like to review mystery books for them. If you’d like that opportunity, email

New Mystery Reader is seeking submissions. They use short stories of up to 2,500 words. They also use articles.

Bella Online offers a list of ezines for article writers.

Are you familiar with Duotrope? This is a subscription-based service for writers, offering an extensive, searchable database of current fiction, poetry and nonfiction markets. They also provide a calendar of upcoming deadlines, submission trackers and statistics. Annual membership is $50. Or pay $5 monthly. They offer a 7-day free trial.

Curbside Splendor publishes books, but also magazines. They publish fiction, poetry and photography. Here’s a link to the submission guidelines  Unfortunately this is not a paying market.

There’s a new art magazine launching this month. First American Art Magazine will be publishing fiction. I’m guessing that they will not be paying for stories and poetry because they are advertising at their site for donations. They evidently need nearly $5,000 to support the new publication.

Girl’s World will publish their first issue in October. The magazine will be designed for the six to ten age group. No website, yet.

Opportunities for Authors

Duotrope also lists publishers. If you are seeking one, you might want to sign up for their 7-day free trial.

Mark Smith and Wayne Davies of the London-based Quercus Publishing House have set up shop in New York and plan to publish children’s and adult books for the North American market.

Curbside Splendor, a small press in Chicago will launch a new imprint next spring. Dark House Press will produce neo-noir and speculative fiction. If you have something that fits this description, visit

Are you familiar with Screwpulp? This is a new self-publishing service that you may want to check out. From the promo I read, they seem to provide services at lower fees than authors are accustomed to paying their self-publishing services. Check it out here

Witness is a digital publishing program launched by HarperCollins this month. According to their press release, they will produce what they’re calling their digital-original mystery, suspense and thriller line. Stay tuned. I’ll try to get the particulars for you next month.

Book Promotion Opportunities

The Pink Heart Review Society has joined with Marilyn’s Romance Reviews. Here’s the website: At the bottom of her blog, she lists 15 contemporary romance blog sites, for those who are interested in getting their romance novels reviewed.

Have you had your book reviewed at Book Reader’s Heaven? Glenda Bixler is the reviewer.

I’m not sure if I shared this resource with you. Herein, you’ll find a great list of over 250 book reviewers. It’s a really handy list revealing the types of books the reviewer is looking for, showing where their reviews are posted and giving links to their guidelines.

New Mystery Reader Magazine has a book review section. If you have a mystery book that you would like to submit for review, contact Stephanie Padilla at

If your book is on Kindle, check out The Kindle Book Review at Here’s how it works: You scroll through a list of their reviewers and choose the one that seems to be the best fit. The list includes reviewers of romance, nonfiction, thriller/suspense/horror, science fiction, fantasy, poetry, humor and children’s books.

A Few More Book Reviewer Directories:

Exposure, Exposure, Exposure

I hope you all read Penny Sansevieri’s article on book reviews in her May issue of The Book Marketing Expert Newsletter. The title is “I Have a Ton of Reviews for My Book But it’s Not Selling! And other mysteries of book marketing.” Her suggestion is to “leverage” your book reviews, awards, media coverage and so forth. In other words, don’t just rest on your laurels, consider them opportunities to get more publicity—more exposure for your book. “Do book reviews really sell books?” As Sansevieri says, “Lots of exposure sells books.” The right kind of exposure that is. I’d also like to share this quote from Penny: “Reviews, awards and nods from important people in your industry are fantastic, but like a tree falling in the forest, if you don’t tell folks about it, no one will know.”  Learn more about Penny Sansevieri and her A Marketing Expert website here:

Have I told you about the Author Marketing Club? They provide some free tools for authors who are promoting their books. It looks like a great site and program for authors. I get the impression that there are levels of membership—some of them for a fee. I read a testimonial from an author who was able to get contact information for some of the top Amazon book reviewers through this program. Now that would be worth a fee to me. Check out this resource and let us know if you find it useful.

Publications that use Book Excerpts

You can promote your book by submitting articles or stories to appropriate magazines. But did you know that there are quite a few magazines that use excerpts from books on a wide range of topics. Here are 8 of them:

Outreach Magazine uses book excerpts related to the various methods church leaders use to reach out into their communities. If yours is an inspirational book or a how-to for church leaders, you may interest the editors in an excerpt. This is a paying market—paying up to $600 for a maximum of 2,500 words.

Puget Sound Magazine appreciates book excerpts related to adventure, travel, recreation, art, food, culture and healthy living in the shoreline communities of Puget Sound. If your book features an aspect of Washington history, you might contact the editor. Pay is 10 cents/word.

Virginia Living is soliciting book excerpts related to the life and lifestyle of Virginia. They pay 50 cents/word.

NextStepU focuses on preparing students for life after high school. They may accept book excerpts related to just about anything high school graduates need to know—finances, careers, military, planning for college and so forth.

New Haven Advocate has a strong voice in the community. They’re interested in excerpts from books featuring alternative investigative, cultural reporting.  They pay up to $150.

Cruising World buys book excerpts related to cruising and adventuring. Payment is as high as $1,500. Get more information here:

Bird Watcher’s Digest uses book excerpts related to birds and bird watching. They pay from $100.

The Bear Deluxe Magazine is an environmental arts magazine. According to their listing, the editors attempt to reach across cultural and political divides to engage readers on vital issues effecting the enviormentn. If your book fits this mold, consider submitting an excerpt.

Resources for Authors and Publishers

Do you need to convert a file to PDF or an image file? Neevia Document Converter allows you to do this for free (without installing special software) for files of under 2mb. Learn more at or visit the site here:

Going, Going, Gone

More Magazine closes.

Easy Living Magazine has quit.

Alphabet Soup Magazine has ceased publishing.

Passion Reads, a reviewer site, is gone.

Yoga International is closing.

Mud Luscious Press has closed

Nephew (a Mud Luscious imprint) has also closed.

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