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Lucinda Sue Crosby/LuckyCinda Publishing

by Patricia on April 8, 2012

Lucinda Sue Crosby

LuckyCinda Publishing

Lucinda is the owner of a publishing company that produces music, books and poetry. They also package and market books, design covers, write press releases, format digital and paperback books and design online marketing programs. Their blog gets 15,000 to 18,000 hits a month. Lucinda is an award-winning author, journalist and published Nashville songwriter. Her company currently has 4 books—three Amazon Kindle bestsellers. She is the author of Francesca of Lost Nation, Water in the West, The Adventures of Baylard Bear (a children’s book) and $ell More Ebook$ (with Laura Dobbins). One of their recent packages features, Corporate Cowboy: How Maverick Entrepreneur Stuart Anderson built Blank Angus, American’s #1 restaurant chain of the 1980s.


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