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Ariana Conway

by Patricia on March 18, 2014

Ariana Conway Ariana is a freelance writer and writing club enthusiast.

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Kathleen Sexton Kaiser Kathleen Kaiser & Associates Kathleen operates a marketing communication firm focused on writers, artists and nonprofits. She is the author of Glam Rock, Jean Rock, West Coast Rock and Awakening Essence

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Alicia Maher/Apicius Corporation

by Patricia on March 14, 2014

Alicia Maher Pacific Apicius Corporation Alicia is the author of Delicious El Salvador: 75 Authentic Recipes for Traditional Salvadoran Cooking. She just won the Gourmand Award for Best First Cookbook from El Salvador and will go to China to complete for Best Cookbook of the World.

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Julie Valerie

by Patricia on March 4, 2014

Julie Valerie Julie is a writer, book blogger and social media enthusiast. Her blog can be found at Her novel Sweet Cherry Pie (women’s fiction, humor, satire) will be released in the fall of 2014. Her short story, A Kind of Mad Courage will be published in an anthology in the spring […]

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Gregory Kirk Fodrea/ASPIRE Publications, LLC

by Patricia on February 25, 2014

Gregory Kirk Fodrea ASPIRE Publications, LLC ASPIRE Publications educates and publishes to inspire the sharing of light, and to promote Truth without dogma, Love without condition, and Understanding without preconception. Book titles include Perfectly Flawed—How to Stop Suffering and Start Living. (To be released in March 2014)  

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Jerry Malugeon

by Patricia on February 24, 2014

Jerry Malugeon Jerry is a writer of articles, essays and books regarding mental health issues, treatment and recovery. He is the author of The Black Dog and the Cyclone Racer, Handbook to Recovery – A Guide for Companions, Families and Caregivers Helping Loved Ones with Depression and Bipolar Disorders

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Betty Leaver/MSI Press

by Patricia on February 21, 2014

Betty Leaver Managing Editor MSI Press MSI is a small, friendly press that Is dedicated to bringing to the public unique general interest books in the areas of education, psychology and spirituality. Titles include Publishing for Smarties; The Rose and the Sword; Blest Atheist; The Marriage Whisperer; The Seven Wisdoms of Life; Syrian […]

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Terena Scott/Medusa’s Muse

by Patricia on February 21, 2014

Terena Scott Medusa’s Muse Medusa’s Muse is a Northern California publisher who specializes in publishing nonfiction, especially memoir and how-to books. Titles include Traveling Blind: Life Lessons from Unlikely Teachers; What You Need to Know to Be a Pro; The Business Start-Up Guide for Publishers; Punk Rock Saved My Ass, an anthology; Be […]

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Michele Orwin/Bacon Press Books

by Patricia on February 19, 2014

Michele Orwin Publisher Bacon Press Books Bacon Press Books is a small, independent publisher based in Washington, DC. They’re currently building their list, publishing fiction and nonfiction by new and known writers in both print and digital. Titles include, “Waiting for Next Week,” “Blues for Beginners,” “In Search of the Fun-Forever Job,” “The […]

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Lew Irwin/Studio Briefing

by Patricia on January 22, 2014

Lew Irwin Studio Briefing Lew is a longtime broadcast/Internet journalist, a TV anchor at KABC-TV, news director of radio stations, KPOL, KRLA, KDAY and KNX-FM. He created the Credibility Gap on KRLA. He has also produced and hosted Earth News Radio and edited Studio Briefing, the longest-running entertainment industry news service on the […]

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