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Addresses on the Web

Self-service Sites Where You Can Find Addresses for People and Businesses

These sites are free and updated frequently. lets you fill out the search forms for Switchboard, Four11, and InfoSpace, then starts the searches. Also offers searches for the name behind a phone number.

BigBook offers business listings.

Bigfoot helps mostly for Email addresses.

Database America

Four11 Directory allows searching by address.

InfoSpace includes driving directions, nearby businesses.

Switchboard offers phone numbers, street addresses, and Email addreses.

WhoWhere? helps mostly for Email addresses. Also includes SEC information on companies.

Yahoo! People Search uses Four11.

Sites Offering Their Search Services

If you cannot find the address you need at the free sites, these sites will do your search for a fee.

1-800-U.S. Search can check death records or find people by name or social security number.

KnowX offers you a free search their records of negative public records, then charges for the detailed legal record you want.

ReuNet is actually a fee-based bulletin board system.



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